In order to be an effective thought leader that has earned the respect of senior leadership across many of the world’s most successful corporations and law enforcement agencies, we pursue a work ethic grounded in these principles:

  1. We do not and have never advertised. We rely upon the personal recommendations of executives throughout the world who have relied upon us for the past 30 years.
  2. We do not sponsor any exhibits at or endorse any trade organization. Our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients and their best interests, above our own, always. If we cannot assist them properly, we will work feverishly to find qualified talent who can do so because of the serious nature of our work.
  3. We have an insatiable appetite for news and trends that could impact the quality organizations we support. We do not blog or send any emails soliciting business. If and when we feel there is a noteworthy news issue or threat alert, we inform clients by the sector in which they operate, and occasionally, across all sectors.
  4. We speak with the news media on selected occasions when our unique periscope on crises could be meaningful to public understanding of critical incidents. If you are a reporter on deadline, we will do our very best to help you either on background or for attribution.
  5. We lead a discreet consulting practice that requires a high degree of integrity. We have earned the confidence of our colleagues in law enforcement, privately-held companies, publicly traded companies and non-profit institutions by navigating complex situations with unrivaled skill. We promise to do all that we can to help you achieve and maintain a safer workplace.