Dr. Larry Barton works with many of the world’s leading companies and institutions on issues related to threat assessment, workplace violence and crisis response. His client list includes:

  • The media company with the most downloaded app in history
  • The world’s largest airline
  • One of the world’s leading biotechnology companies
  • Four leading television and cable networks
  • The leading online marketplace for individual buyers and sellers
  • Several of the world’s most respected electronics and robotics manufacturers
  • The world’s largest aircraft and defense entity
  • Several of the world’s leading insurance, investment, credit card, banking, and financial service firms
  • Leading colleges, universities and think tanks
  • The world’s largest science and seed company
  • Four of the world’s leading energy, natural gas and petroleum producers
  • Two of the world’s largest candy manufacturers
  • The leading integrated pet food and veterinarian company
  • The world’s premiere producer of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes
  • An award-winning producer of superior wines
  • The world’s leading provider of trusted household brands
  • Two of the big four accounting firms
  • The world’s largest medical product manufacturer
  • Three of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Numerous hotels, resorts, casinos and regulatory bodies in the gaming industry
  • The world’s largest food processor
  • Several leading retailers
  • The world’s largest recycling and environmental company
  • The world’s leading organization providing management consulting, technology and outsourcing services
  • Law enforcement agencies, including The Federal Bureau of Investigation and The U.S. Marshals Service

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