Threat Management and Workplace Violence

Protecting your employees, contractors and customers requires more than security badges and surveillance cameras.

On average, eleven persons are murdered at work each workday, including two each workday in the United States. Some 2.7 million assaults and threats are reported at work annually in North America.

The causes of these incidents are as complex as the people posing them: substance abuse, personality and performance-based disagreements and mental illnesses are just some of the more serious ones. Domestic abuse can also spill over into the workplace, requiring extraordinary precautions.

Dr. Barton offers one of the most respected platforms for training, awareness and response. His training programs in understanding workplace violence emphasize the complicated behavioral warning signs of a person at risk. They are aimed at helping supervisors, HR and Security teams partner with legal counsel and other experts to ensure that the case management process meets or exceeds best practices. The role of law enforcement, co-workers, Fitness for Duty evaluators, Employee Assistance Programs and other resources are all reviewed in depth.

We advise that those seeking guidance consider that although there are many “experts” in threat assessment and workplace violence prevention, many are trying to capitalize on recent tragedies at work.

Some of these “experts” have little experience in the private sector and may lack a proven track record in the obligations of the employer on duty to care, duty to warn, duty to act and duty to supervise. We advise against the use of security firms for efforts in this area due to potential conflicts of interest.

Our programs often include highly-acclaimed live scenarios in which skilled male and female actors role-play an employee, guest or contractor who poses a serious risk. We have conducted over 1,300 live simulations in over 30 countries and have the most robust, tested and respected cases that are relevant –and customized– to each organization.

We also review HR policies and procedures with discreet White Papers that constitute a gap analysis. These highly acclaimed reports have led to milestone changes in many employers.

In addition to training programs, Dr. Barton assists employers when cases emerge, helping the Threat Assessment Teams navigate discussions 24/7 with the person at risk, writing scripts to mediate differences of opinion, and we employ high seasoned experts to role play very sensitive discussions – all of this aimed at elevating the comfort level of your team in mitigating any potential for harm.

Dr. Barton teaches these issues in three, top-rated courses at The FBI Academy. His works have been recently published and presented at meetings of The American Bar Association and state bar associations.

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Always contact law enforcement immediately if you face an imminent threat. Not a source of legal or clinical advice.